31 March 2013

Totoro Cake time!

What??? Really?! I haven't posted since SEPTEMBER !!! 

That is truly terrible... 

Though I have been busy... sadly busy at work, not baking! :( I have not been creating as much as I love, just overwhelmed with the new job really - barely had time to come up for air.  Though made up for it this weekend... THREE birthday cakes all for yesterday...! 
Firstly for Princess Sehr... 4 years already... last year, you may remember she was Angelina Ballerina ... this year she has a new baby brother, so they were pirates and princesses ! :)  

The other one was for my brother in law... a big studio Ghibili fan, it HAD to be a surprise Totoro cake... 6 layers of fluffy red velvet sponge sandwiched together with tangy cream cheese frosting... Evidently, I hadn't thought it through enough... he did NOT want to cut into Totoro, it was too traumatic! :P  


1 comment:

  1. Awwwww the Totoro cake is amazing! But I wouldn't be able to eat this one either, Totoro's way to cute! :))