20 September 2010

Last days of the Summer

I hope everyone had a great summer. We spent the last days of summer picking fruit and vegetable at Garson Farm at Esher. As well as the 'pick your own farm' there is the farm shop (where I bought some locally baked bread and some pickles) and the wonderful gift shop (where I bought some clothes for my daughter). There were plenty of cabbages, sweetcorn, peas, broccoli and strawberries, but the raspberries were definitely the best in season.

We lived on the vegetables for the week and we made some cupcakes topped with creme fraiche and berries for a friend's house warming party.

So now its autumn, I'm thinking of pumpkin pie. There is a small city farm nearby with huge pumpkins in their vegetable patch. Hmm....must speak to the manager to see whether I can buy one.

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